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Elafonisos is not suitable for many activities ... and this is exactly what its visitors are looking for. This tiny Greek island is a mosaic of colorful flowers, soft white beaches and turquoise waters. In Elafonisos, the protagonist is the beach, with calm waters, ideal for snorkeling, and quiet, endless sandy beaches. At the end of each day, you can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood in the tavern near the port and relax admiring the colors of the sunset. Elafonisos with its rich cultural history, its key position in the ship routes of the eastern Mediterranean and and archeological wealth make it one of the most important places worth visiting. With the large number of unique beaches with crystal clear blue waters, which one will hardly find in such a small area, it is a unique destination.
At the same time, its unique flora, with the protected cedar, the number of temples of the wider area, Byzantine and modern, its gastronomy with emphasis on seafood and its mild climate convince even the most demanding visitor to choose it.
Elafonisos, an island to enjoy the sea and the sunThe beaches and the sea of ​​Elafonisos make it an ideal destination for authentic and alternative holidays in Greece, almost all year round. Its enchanting scenery with its own colors and aromas, with its own beauties and contrasts, offer a special and unique experience to visitors. Its hospitality infrastructure meets the necessary but also the most demanding standards of each visitor. At the same time, the food that you will find on the island is based on local gastronomy for the most anxious and extends to the most traditional Greek, and not only, cuisine.

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